The mission of the 机构发展办公室 is to support the college’s mission and strategic priorities through telling the Morton College story, 与社区持份者建立伙伴关系, 筹集资金来支持我们的学生, 创造新的学习空间, and programs.

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社区总监 & Continuing Education

Morton College News

传媒查询,请联络院校促进处, FOIA at


Morton College is introducing a new program for the Spring 2021 semester to help students in good academic ...
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#MCTeaching&LearningSince1924 is part of an ongoing series about how teaching and learning are taking place at Morton College ...
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#MCTeaching&LearningSince1924 is part of an ongoing series about how teaching and learning are taking place at Morton College ...
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Grant story CURES

威尼斯真人官方的成人教育部门计划使用28美元,资助提供辅助英语的技术服务 ...
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#MCTeaching&LearningSince1924 is part of an ongoing series about how teaching and learning are taking place at Morton College ...
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#MCTeaching&LearningSince1924 is part of an ongoing series about how teaching and learning are taking place at Morton College ...
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#MCTeaching&LearningSince1924 is part of an ongoing series about how teaching and learning are taking place at Morton College ...
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Development & Alumni Relations


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Development Events

通过机构发展办公室(OIA), Morton College host a variety of development events aimed to advance institutional priorities and initiatives. Morton College invites you to volunteer, attend and sponsor any of our annual programs.


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Alumni Events

通过机构发展办公室(OIA), Morton College offers many opportunities to help its alumni maintain a strong relationship with the college. 我们鼓励你与威尼斯真人官方保持联系. 参加即将举行的校友活动, 在亨利维斯体育馆为我们的黑豹队加油, 为我们的年度重大活动做志愿者, and defiantly take advantage of all the benefits of being a Morton College graduate. 如果您有任何问题,请随时与我们联系.


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Mission: To serve as ambassadors for Morton College and act a resource for alumni activities and annual giving programs.


  1. Serve as an ambassador for Morton College and help to spread awareness of the organization’s mission and brand.
  2. 担任一学年的校友大使. 从2021年8月1日开始,到2022年5月1日结束.
  3. Attendance to all three meetings to be held during the summer, fall and spring semesters. 会适应AAP成员的日程安排吗. 每次会议大约一个小时.
  4. 及时对应沟通.
  5. 为开发提供反馈和想法 & 校友关系活动.
  6. 在威尼斯真人官方完成6小时的志愿服务(1).e.; Panther Pantry, Greater Food Depository, Turkey Giveaway, Development & Alumni activities).
  7. 参加并参与至少一项发展或校友活动.
  8. 确保一份礼物或征求至少250美元的礼物.为我们的捐赠星期二筹款活动捐款.
  9. AAP只针对威尼斯真人官方的校友. 你一定获得了学位, completed a certificate program or have taken at least 30 semester credits to be eligible.
  10. Have fun! This is a learning opportunity to build on the skills you already have and to support the growth of our Development & 校友关系活动.


  • 定制AAP服装保留
  • 威尼斯真人官方的赃物和服装
  • 校友网页媒体发布
  • Lunch meetings
  • 节目结束时的庆祝活动
  • 在学年/课程结束时颁发表彰奖

Alumni Benefits

你是否获得学位, 或者只是在威尼斯真人官方上了几节课, 我们的校友获得以下宝贵的福利和服务.

  • Alumni Events: 我们的校友活动是有趣的,吸引和免费的校友. 这些活动旨在让你了解威尼斯真人官方的一切. In addition, you will have a chance to meet with other alum and community partners.
  • Athletic Admissions: 来为你喜欢的球队加油吧! All alumni will have access to attend all home (indoor and outdoor) athletic events and competitions at no cost.
  • Career Services: As an alum, 你可以接触到许多与职业相关的资源, 包括与职业相关的活动, mock interview, workshops, career fairs, 招聘启事和大量你可以使用的职业工具. Individual appointments are also available; please contact, at 708.656.8000, ext. 2468 or
  • Class Course: As an alumnus, you will benefit from registering for one course of your choice at Morton College. 校友可以在开课前一周注册课程. Morton College will be cover the course of the class at no cost to you; however, books, 费用和用品不包括在内. If interested please stop by the Admissions Office located in building B or call 708.656.8000, ext. 2346.
  • Fitness Center: 如果您是527地区(伯温)的居民, Cicero, Lyons, McCook, Forest view, and Stickney), 你可以注册成为免费的健身房会员. 报名时请携带居住证明.
  • 耶德利卡表演艺术中心: 耶德利卡表演艺术中心全年举办各种各样的活动. 校友和朋友可以免费欣赏音乐和戏剧表演.
  • Library Access: Stop over the Library and request a community Library card for you to be able to check out books, 参加图书馆活动, 有趣的活动或只是向图书管理员寻求帮助.
  • 志愿者b|演讲机会: Each year various campus offices will host student centered events and activities that will require volunteer support and speaking opportunities. 这类例子包括马丁·路德·金服务日, alumni events, 就业及校友小组, 以及妇女赋权会议.

Panther Pride

计划在春暑假或寒假旅行? 展现你的威尼斯真人官方精神,带我们一起走吧! 你的照片将会在我们的黑豹骄傲图库中展出,供大家观看. 如果你有豹子骄傲的照片,请发送到


To purchase Morton College or alumni apparel visit our bookstore located in building C, or go to

Ways to Give

感谢您对威尼斯真人官方的支持. 每一份贡献都很重要. 你的捐赠加强了我们确保特殊教育项目的使命, 我们的黑豹食品储藏室, 学生应急基金, scholarships, 资本改善等等! 给予的方式有很多种, 阅读下面最适合你和你的组织的每个选项.

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  • PayrollDeductions@2x

    Payroll Deductions


Roll your sleeves up and support a number of Student Activities and Institutional Advancement events throughout the year. We welcome our partners to get to know our students and engage with the community we serve. 志愿者承诺的时间从每次活动2-4小时不等.

Gift by Mail
Morton College
3801 S. Central Ave.
Cicero, IL. 60804

Morton College host several annual events that have a direct impact on our students and surrounding community. 这些活动包括但不限于妇女赋权会议, HOPE 5K Run, Backpack Give Back, Hall of Fame, 以及我们的打包运动项目. This is a great way to highlight your business or organization and support a good cause. 每个项目的赞助水平各不相同.

In Kind Gifts
威尼斯真人官方社区欢迎实物礼物. 这些礼物包括设备、食物、产品、用品、书籍和电脑.

Payroll Deductions
Morton College employees can make a one-time or reoccurring gift via payroll deduction. 您可以完全控制何时开始和停止捐赠. Go to Giving Printable Forms tab and fill out the Payroll Deduction form and submit to the business office located in 203B.

Matching Gifts
Contact your company's Human Resource office or employer to determine if your gift to Morton College can be matched to increase student success. 数以千计的公司提供配对礼品计划. Typically, donors initiate matching gifts by including their organization's matching gift with their donation to Morton College. Use the search bar below to see if your company/organization will match your contribution.

A thoughtful way of remembering someone special and creating a legacy is by making a gift in honor, or in memory, of an individual. 纪念性礼物可以包括以当事人名义提供的奖学金, 砖或石刻, 或者一个房间/建筑的奉献.

认捐可以让你在一段时间内分期付款. Reminders will be sent to you about your commitment on a schedule that is established by you. Go to Giving Printable Forms to fill out and complete the form and mail your form to Morton College.

Giving Resources

Morton College prides itself on educating our community and students to the common good and service of others, 特别是对遭受贫困和边缘化的人民和社区. For this reason, we educate our students on giving opportunities from the time they step foot on our campus to graduation and beyond. 下面是一些有用的资源,可以帮助你学会给予. Our goal is to cultivate a mindset of giving that includes advocacy for systemic change, 社会公正和社会影响.

For your convenience below are several giving forms to submit with your gift to Morton College. 请填妥礼品所需表格,邮寄至:

Morton College
3801 S. Central Ave.
Cicero, IL 60408


Our Partners

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